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UAS Flight ops hold permissions to fly in city centres and congested areas so if you need a tower block or tall office block inspecting in the centre of a major city and thought it couldn't be done, give us a call.
UAS Flight Ops industrial inspection. Dr

Industrial Survey & Inspection.

We can provide detailed inspection reports and cover more ground in far less time than it would take a team of inspectors, or a team of rope access technicians, drastically reducing your financial overheads.

thermal imaging - drone filming - UAS Flight Ops

Thermal imaging 

Thermal inspection and thermography are an essential tool for not only monitoring and displaying loss of energy in the workplace but also for things like building envelope inspections to monitor the heat loss through ineffective insulation etc.

Missing-Person - Drone seach and rescue - UAS Flight Ops

Search and Rescue

Our Drones have been used to assist in search and rescue operations and training exercises in the UK and as far afield as Switzerland.

Despite freezing temperatures and inherent battery reduction we were able to provide continuos coverage of the area through effective and well planned battery management systems

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